I’m Vinicius Sueiro — designer, developer & data-driven


I currently lead a team of talented people in projects that combine data, design and web development at Estadão, a major Brazilian media company. Our goal is to turn complex datasets into compelling stories for our users.

Before that, I was a designer at Central, a tiny agency with big clients, where I worked directly with Warner Bros., Via Varejo, Ecovias & Veja.

I also love science, vegan food & climbing, even though I just started practicing it…

The projects featured on this site cover both company & personal work, as well as my undergraduate project at University of São Paulo.

More recently, the web app concept that I created during the human-centered service design course at IDEO U was also showcased on this portfolio.

I have just finished the entrepreneurship course at Harvard Business School Online. My goal was to improve the alignment between design, development and business opportunities inside companies.


Even though I’m learning new things everyday, I feel very comfortable dealing with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. More recently I’ve also been playing with Git, Node, Bash and Python – specially Pandas – for data processing.

On the design side, Figma is my go-to app most of the work and Illustrator comes second, followed by Photoshop. I’m currently exploring faster ways to prototype high-fidelity interfaces.

Beyond any technical expertise, I believe it’s our duty as designers to make people’s lives easier.

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