World Health Organization — 2022

Explaining Covid‑19 Vaccination Benefits

A social media post simulates a chat between a person and WHO. It explains why vaccination is important to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed, which leads to people (Covid-19 patients, but also other patients) being left untreated. To explain that, the video uses an analogy of a cup (representing the capacity of a hospital), which is overflown with colored balls. Every ball represents a patient. Those who fell outside of the cup represent patients who were not able to get treatment due to overcrowded hospitals.

With illustrated analogies & a friendly conversational tone, these short videos try to explain why vaccination is important


Sketch of hospital at full capacity (cup filled with circles, representing each patient)
Sketch of hospital over capacity (cup overflown with circles, representing patients being left untreated)
Hand-drawn sketches of the cup analogy, used to pitch the idea to my former team at WHO/Europe.

Frames of the infection spreading (from 1 person to 2 more). Created on Flourish & edited on Figma.

Animated versions of the graphics, created with
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Sketch of network graphs representing how one person infects others, who will infect others, and so in…
Hand-drawn sketches of the infection spreading, also used to pitch the idea to the team.


Screen capture of Google Sheets used to organized translated content for the videos. It displays columns for English, Russian, and Georgian languages