Random Dots Generator

Create an image with hundreds of tiny circles (with no overlaps!)

In data visualization, sometimes we want to represent big numbers as dots on the screen.

In that case, it’s important that all dots are visible. That’s why this tool prevents circles from overlapping by default.

But what if we want to highlight some of those dots? Well… you can set an amount of circles to be highlighted, with custom colors and sizes.

For instance, if you want to represent that 10% of something, simply set the amount of dots as 100 and the amount of highlights as 10.

You can download your creation as a vector (SVG) file and further edit it using Figma or Adobe Illustrator. If you prefer, you can also download it as raster (PNG) file.

I created this tool as a basis for my data visualization work, but it can also be used for artistic illustrations. So feel free to mess around!

Just keep in mind that your browser might crash if the amount of dots is too big.


Sorry! This tool only works on bigger screens, like laptops or tablets