Binary Birthday

Game over :(

You won! :)

Imagine you turned 7 and your family got you a birthday cake. What else could be on top of it?

The word “Seven”?

Or maybe 1 candle per year? Those are all ways of representing the same number…

But what if I told you we can represent the number 7 using only 3 candles? Enter Binary Numbers!

This means we need to agree on some rules:

• Each candle is worth a unique value, based on its position

• We add those values to reveal our age

“But… What happens when I turn 8?” To represent that number, we need one more candle on the left

Which brings us to our final rule:

• We only add lit candles

Try for yourself! On your 9th birthday, which candles need to be lit?

Click on any candle to light it up

Now, back to reality. Can you light candles that add up to your current age?

Cool! The age of is in binary. See how every lit candle can be written as a 1?

People often use 1s and 0s to write binary numbers. But we’ll keep using candles

Did you notice a pattern here? In binary, every candle is worth 2× the one on its right.

That’s because we only have 2 possible digits (0 and 1)

Finally, plan your next birthday: type in the age you’ll celebrate and discover which candles you need to light up!

Random quiz! Can you light up candles that represent ? But be careful, every mistake will cost you a strawberry