Political Scoreboard

Desktop version of a platform that shows how each congressman voted on a project and the resulting totals
Desktop version of digital platform for monitoring important projects in Congress
Responsive version of a platform that shows how each congressman voted on a project and the resulting totals
Responsive version of digital platform for monitoring important projects in Congress

Platform for monitoring congressmen on important decisions for the country


This project is a redesign of a website I helped building for Dilma Rousseff’s Impeachment process. The ideia was to forecast the votings outcomes, so journalists got in touch with hundreds of congressmen and asked their position on the subject. These scoreboards had over 11 million views and received over 9k comments.

Even though this is a huge “Google Analytics” success, timing was critical and the project got delivered extremely fast, which led to a lot of quick fixing and inflexible design. Long story short, if the company’s board needed another forecast, it would require a lot of work and time to clean that up. Well, instead of making a separate page for each voting, wouldn’t it be better to build a solid platform to easily host them all?


  • Organize data scattered across government websites
  • Become a tool for monitoring congressmen
  • Keep it simple


Placar Estadão is an easy-to-use website that allows users to monitor the most important votings in the National Congress. It has detailed information about past votings results, which is automatically retrieved from the congress’ APIs, making journalists’ lives a lot easier. But it’s main goal is to be used as a real-time forecast tool.

The day that seemed calm in Brasília turned into chaos after Grupo Estado launched the Political Scoreboard

There is also plenty of room for analysis: the user can filter voters by party and state, as well as search them by name — all numbers and graphics are instantly updated. During forecasts, politicians that changed their minds are labelled “Changed” and added to a change history list — a feature many users of the original scoreboard asked for. The newsroom director decided to launch the platform with a forecast about changes in Social Security and the following results indicate it was a good decision.

Congratulations to Estadão for the initiative! This kind of visibility is critical so that electors can put pressure on their representatives in Congress

As Vagner Fonseca de Freitas stated in the comments section

Mobile screenshots featuring the social sharing modal, propositions cards (where each color-coded dot represents a voting status) and the video testimonial of a congressman about the current proposition

My role

  • Research
  • Design
  • Data processing
  • Development


The Scoreboard was a game changer right from it’s launch. Other publications reported it’s political and economical impact only a few hours after the project went live:

Ibovespa falls 1,5% and loses the 65k points after Political Scoreboard reveals struggles for the president

Within 10 days since launch, the website had 150k page views and users were, on average, spending 10 minutes per page. Numbers alone are not great quality indicators, but the company received a lot of positive feedback from real people:

These interactive Scoreboards are very well done (…) Perhaps this type of tool should be used more often. It helps to enlighten the people

As Matteus Vicentim Sanches stated in the comments section

The project is being constantly updated with new features and content. Soon it will be home to many others propositions, votings results and forecasts. And hopefully it’s simplicity in conveying dense information will continue to help people to better understand propositions and to monitor our representatives.