Central de Apresentações

Branding & website

Desktop version of website where an isometric illustration of a city presents the company
Desktop version of portfolio website for a presentation agency, focused on the Prezi tool
Responsive version of website where a isometric illustrations present the company
Mobile version of portfolio website for a presentation agency, focused on the Prezi tool

Carefully crafted brand, illustrations and a conversion-oriented website


Central is a small agency that creates PowerPoint and Prezi presentations for large companies to independent speakers. I joined it soon after launch, so I was able to design their brand from scratch. Although almost everything you’ll see next was designed by me, this case study is focused on their new website and it’s results. You may be asking yourself why did Central need a new website in the first place…

Simply put, the old one was a bloated WordPress theme with much room for improvements on SEO, mobile experience and graphic design. Plus, the company was spending a lot on Google Ads, but their landings pages could be inspiring more confidence from potential clients. This is how the project began.


  • Increase conversions
  • Have better mobile experience
  • Avoid Google Adwords expenses


First of all, the website content was rewritten according to frequently used words on search engines and aiming to be as clear as possible. Bold colors, clean typography and visually rich isometric illustrations were the next in line. The city illustration works as a scene for Central’s institutional Prezi — that is, the story is built upon it’s elements: the presenter on the laptop, the lake, buildings, clouds, mountains and even the paper plane.

Due to their storytelling relevance for the brand, these elements were also placed along the website. Several SEO techniques were used to achieve better page rankings, from meta tags and reducing load time to placing call-to-action buttons on strategic spots, inviting the user to get in touch.

The mobile screenshots above highlight the contact section header, some illustrations for Central’s Prezi and the opened menu navigation

My role

  • Logo
  • Writing
  • Design
  • Development


  • 100
  • 300

The new website brought a fresh look & feel for the brand and made navigation much pleasant for the user. But by looking at the numbers we can see the improvements went beyond usability. On it’s first year live, conversions got 1× higher and there were 3× more potential clients visiting the website, half of which coming from organic search. Essentially, the company stopped spending on ads and actually increased conversions.